Remove, Replant, & Restore-An Invasive Plant Partnership (CWI Project)

Monroe, Brown, Greene, and Owen county SWCDs are excited to offer our 2017-2019 Clean Water Indiana (CWI) initiative: Remove Invasives, Replant Natives, and Restore Natural Places Cost Share Program.

What: This cost share will assist with projects focused on non-native invasive plant species removal and native planting projects in Monroe, Brown, Greene, and Owen counties.

Who: Any landowner or entity in these four counties is eligible.


1. Initial Contact & Site Visit: Contact your local SWCD office to discuss your project and setup a site visit. A site visit must be coordinated with your local SWCD OR MC-IRIS (Monroe County-Identify and Reduce Invasive Species) before moving forward with any project.

2. Application: After conducting a site visit and developing a Landowner Invasive Plant Assessment with SWCD or MC-IRIS staff, submit a CWI application to your local SWCD office (see application link below).

3. Final Inspection: Upon completion of the project according to the specific landowner assessment, technical staff will conduct a final site visit to check for project completeness.

4. Reimbursement: After the final inspection, all receipts must be turned in to SWCD staff. Reimbursements will cover up to 75% of costs, not to exceed the per acre rate for invasive species removal and $500 total for native planting.


Moving Forward: Click on this link for a CWI Local Application. See the following image for further information and local SWCD offices. Contact your county SWCD for more information.

Applications will be accepted year-round and will be ranked and approved by SWCD staff and board of supervisors on a quarterly basis each year of CWI funding (2017-2019).






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