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Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are not currently being sold through MCSWCD. Please contact Brown County SWCD for further information on availability.

 Soil Testing

$20 per sample DUE AT THE TIME OF SAMPLE SUBMISSION. Allow 2 weeks from submission to process results. Click on the following link for additional submission and payment details: Updated Soil Sample Local Instruction & Submission Form (September 2017).

No-till Drill Rental

The MCSWCD No-till Drill is available to rent on a first-come first-serve basis. Use of the drill costs $10 per acre with a 5 acre minimum and a $50 deposit upon initial rental. The drill will be unavailable beginning mid-November. See a sample No-till Drill rental agreement below. Please contact MCSWCD for additional details. drill-rental-agreement


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Riparian Filter Strips

Drainage Problems

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Stream Bank Stabilization

Plants and Trees for Erosion Control


Animal Waste Management

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