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2018 Mini Grant Applications

The Soil & Water Conservation District is once again please to be able to bring all residents of Monroe County the opportunity to apply for a Mini Grant that pertains to soil, water and/or natural resource concerns on their property located inside Monroe County.

These grants are made possible through a partnership with the Monroe County Stormwater Utility Board and are designed to provide opportunities for residents of the County. This application includes funds for rain garden installation as advertised at the Rain Garden Certification workshops.

No project is too big or small for this grant.  All projects that are accepted will be chosen based on a local ranking system and will be the sole decision of the Soil & Water Conservation Districts Board of Supervisors.

All project chosen will be cost shared on a 25%-75% split.  The landowner will be responsible for 25% of the cost of the project, while the Soil & Water Conservation District will assist financially for 75% of the cost of the project up to a maximum of $2000 per project.  Funds are limited so it is possible that not all applications will be funded. Contact the SWCD for further information. See the attached application: 2018 Mini Grant Application.





2017-2019 Clean Water Indiana (CWI) initiative: Remove Invasives, Replant Natives, and Restore Natural Places Cost Share Program.

What: This cost share will assist with projects focused on non-native invasive plant species removal and native planting projects in Monroe, Brown, Greene, and Owen counties.

Who: Any landowner or entity in these four counties is eligible.


1. Initial Contact & Site Visit: Contact your local SWCD office to discuss your project and setup a site visit. A site visit must be coordinated with your local SWCD OR MC-IRIS (Monroe County-Identify and Reduce Invasive Species) before moving forward with any project.

2. Application: After conducting a site visit and developing a Landowner Invasive Plant Assessment with SWCD or MC-IRIS staff, submit a CWI application to your local SWCD office (see application link below).

3. Final Inspection: Upon completion of the project according to the specific landowner assessment, technical staff will conduct a final site visit to check for project completeness.

4. Reimbursement: After the final inspection, all receipts must be turned in to SWCD staff. Reimbursements will cover up to 75% of costs, not to exceed the per acre rate for invasive species removal and $500 total for native planting.

Moving Forward: Click on this link for a CWI Local Application. See the following image for further information and local SWCD offices. Contact your county SWCD for more information.

Contact your local SWCD for more information. Applications will be accepted year-round and will be ranked and approved by SWCD staff and board of supervisors on a quarterly basis each year of CWI funding (2017-2019).






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