Local Conservation Projects

List of Contractors in Monroe County

Bloomington High School South Project

The Monroe County SWCD is pleased to be partnering with BHSS, Eco Logic, and The Community for Sustainable Living to assist the students of the AP Environmental Science classes to build a rain garden in the front of the schools property. This project will mitigate erosion problems that are currently emitting sediment into Clear Creek. The SWCD has awarded the students $3,000 toward the project, and will continue to work with the student to evolve this installation into a larger permaculture site. The installation will begin May 5th and 6th. We would like to thank the Monroe County Community School Corporation for allowing this project to take place.

Bean Blossom Improvement Project Overview (2009-2012)

The condition of water quality affects many aspects of our lives including our health, recreation and the diversity & vitality of wildlife.  Our local watersheds are impaired by both point source and non-point source pollution concerns which in turn affect our quality of life.

 A 319 grant was awarded by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for the Bean Blossom watershed to improve the water quality of our local watershed by decreasing the amount of pollutants entering our streams.

The Bean Blossom watershed encompasses 192.6 square miles in the northern parts of Brown and Monroe Counties.  The area is quite diverse with a combination of forests, agricultural lands, urban areas, wetlands and other uses.  The watershed project implementation plan was equally diverse in attacking the water quality issues from various venues – public awareness demonstrations sites and events, educational materials, and cost share incentives for landowners.

Brown & Monroe County SWCD’s are were the lead organizations and the project was overseen by individuals from a variety of backgrounds who came together with a common goal of improving land management practices in order to make a positive effect on the water quality.

Project Goals

  1. Provide cost share assistance for projects which address natural resource concerns in identified critical areas.
  2. Provide educational opportunities and demonstration sites that will promote best management practices and encouragepersonal changes to improve water quality in urban, rural, agricultural and woodland areas.
  3. Increase coordination and cooperation between all levels of government, private, for profit and not for profit organizations

Cost Share Projects

Cropland Practices
  • Cover Crop
  • Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan
  • Variable Rate Applications of Nutrients and Lime – must be implemented as part of a NMP
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Precision Ag Equipment Modifications – must be implemented as part of a NMP or PMP
  • Guidance – Must be implemented as part of a NMP or PMP
  • Variable Rate Controllers – Must be implemented as part of a NMP or PMP
  • RTK upgrade – must be implemented in conjunction with strip-till
  • No-Till Equipment Modifications
Stream / Ditch Practices 2-Stage Ditch
  • Stream Channel Stabilization
  • Streambank & Shoreline Protection
  • Stream Crossing
Forestry / Wildlife / Critical Areas
  • Hedgerow Planting – part of windbreak / shelterbelt
  • Field Border – must use native vegetation
  • Filter Strips
  • Grassed Waterway
  • Conservation Cover
  • Critical Area Planting
  • Upland Wildlife Habitat – Must use native vegetation and can only be implemented on land that is currently in production but is being retired and converted to upland wildlife habitat
  • Riparian Forest Buffer
  • Riparian Herbaceous Cover
Livestock Related Practices Access Control / Use Exclusion
  • Watering Facility – must be implemented only in conjunction with stream crossing, access control or prescribed grazing
  • Waste Storage Facility – Must be above and beyond any permit requirements
  • Composting Facility
  • Pasture & Hayland Planting
  • Rotational Grazing, Management Intensive Grazing or Prescribed Grazing
  • Heavy Use Area Protection
Other Practices Constructed Wetland / Wetland Creation  
  • Wetland Restoration
  • Bioswales
  • Green Roofs – (Cost Share 30% up to maximum of $7,000)
  • Rain Barrels
  • Rain Gardens

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