Kids’ Conservation

The Monroe County SWCD has a variety of natural resource and agricultural presentations prepared for classes in all grade levels. If you are interested in having SWCD staff present in your classroom please email or call our office at 812-334-4325 x3. The presentations can be tailored for the needs of your students and curriculum.

Possible Presentations

  • Natural Resources
  • Soil Health and Demonstration
  • Water Quality and Watershed Demonstration
  • Pollinator Habitat
  • Agricultural Production
  • Invasive Species
  • History of the Soybean
  • Observations in Natural Resources

The SWCD wants to make sure that every child gets to celebrates the Earth with activities that will stimulate their creativity and their appreciation for the environment. Please consider doing some of these simple crafts and activities with your child or students to help them understand the living cycle of the Earth, and the importance of our natural resources.

Grades:  pre-K-2


Directions: Gather your students outside to each collect two leaves and a twig. Use a bean, bead, or any other small round object for the egg. Have the students paint a rotini  pasta for the larva, a pasta shell for the pupa, and a bow tie pasta for the butter fly. Then use half a pipe cleaner for the butterfly’s body and antennas (simply wrap it around the center of the pasta with an even about on each side and twist the excess pipe cleaner at the top).  Below are links to the template for this craft and a graphic for explaining how pollinators work with plants.

Butterfly Lifecycle

Blank Template:  Butterflies are Important Pollinators

Graphics:  Why Pollinators Are Imporant

Grades: 2-4

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.49.10 AM

Seed Sprout Necklace

PDF of Directional Handout:  Living Necklace The SWCD would be happy to provide free turbo radish seeds, which sprout very quickly, for Monroe County teachers.

Living Necklace:Helpful link with picture instructions

Pony Bead Craft- understanding Earth’s life cycles

PDF of Directional Handout: Circle of Earth-Pony Beads

Grades: 4-6

There’s a rock in my lunchbox!

This is a great activity! there are no fancy gimmicks and it takes some critical thinking on the kids’ part, but it is fantastic for helping the kids understand how everything we consume is derived from and impacts natural resources. This activity should spark a larger conversation with children about what we do to derive our daily comforts from the environment, and how we should steward these resources that give us so much.

PDF Instructions for Instructor: There’s a Rock In My Lunchbox

The Dirt on Dirt- helpful link

What Makes Soil Healthy? – helpful link

(reference to the apple demo is below)

Grades 5-8

Apple Demo

The apple demo at the end of the lunchbox activity is in reference to this video (5 mins). It is a neat way to explain to students that learn well through visual representations what we are doing to our topsoil (necessary for growing healthy crops). It conjures questions of food production, population growth, and natural resource management. It is a short video, but makes a big impact and can resonate with students. It’s also a great conversation-starter for classrooms. You can look around the links below for explanations of the importance of topsoil.

Youtube link to video (link above is not through youtube)- Apple Earth

Handout – Instructions, Information, Discussion Questions for Apple Activity

The Dirt on Dirt- helpful link

What Makes Soil Healthy? – helpful link

More information can be found at the National Education Association’s Environmental Education Page

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